I am the Founder and Editor of popular female travel site We Are Travel Girls which is quickly becoming a go to destination for travel inspiration and to connect with female travellers around the world. We carefully curate and publish only the best female travel articles from around the globe. We also provide daily travel inspiration on our Instagram, promote and connect female travellers and bloggers and work with brands to provide bespoke marketing campaigns to our audience.

Having left a long and successful career in private banking to enter the travel industry, this site is a place for me to share my own travels and to share advice on how to change your career direction, and tips for becoming a successful blogger.

So, Why Do I love Travel So Much?

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, England I have always had a passion for creativity, art and adventure. My father is a pilot who has travelled the world with his job and my mother was an air stewardess, so I guess the travel bug was destined to catch up with me!

After University, I spent six months in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I travelled with a close friend, made new friends and travelled solo and each of the experiences brought their own challenges and rewards.

I then spent several years in London with a large wealth management firm advising my clients on their investments. I enjoyed the relationships I made, especially the entrepreneurs, but I began to get itchy feet again and in 2014 resigned and set off on another six month adventure, this time through South America. From here I knew I needed to pursue my dream of a career in travel, and here I am living in Bali with over 50 countries travelled and many more adventures planned!

Whats Next?

We have a number of projects underway, including the launch of We Are Travel Girls retreats this year! We will also be hosting a series of meet-ups and events around the world and bringing some women from our community along to some epic trips in 2018!

Thanks for being part of the journey!
Becky x


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