Hey There, I'm Becky!

Half English, Half Dutch I am an ex private banker, turned blogger, educator and entrepreneur.

Two and half years ago, after 10 years in the city I quit my job in finance to launch my own travel business We Are Travel Girls. Since then I have gone on to grow a successful blog, a community of over 500,000 followers, created and ran several Business & Blogging Retreats and other women’s group getaways. 

I love my travel business, but I am also passionate about teaching and mentoring so the natural progression for me was to put my courses and mentorship programmes online! 

Now you can follow in my footsteps and learn from me how to create a memorable brand, business and blog. In my courses I teach you everything I wish I knew when I started out!

How Can I Help You?

I launched my online business in 2016, since then I have grown our website to receive over 130,000 visitors per month, grown a social following of over 500,000 and created a six figure business. But why is this different to anyone else? Because I did this 100% organically, no tricks, nothing, nada and that’s why I can truly teach you how to become a successful blogger and entrepreneur. 

What does it take to be successful in the online industry? 

Hard Work. Yep, I know you are looking for a quick fix, a short cut, maybe one of those lovely ladders in the Snakes and Ladders game! I am here to tell you that those routes won’t bring you long term success.

BUT what I am also here to tell you is that I can give you ALL of the tools that you need, the resources, the methods to grow your blog readership, your email list, your social media statistics and create a long term revenue generating business! You just need to take this information and apply it.


The Blogger Course

Our signature course teaching you absolutely everything you need to know to run a profitable blog, brand your business and use a blog to generate new customers! Including modules on Blog Business Planning, Branding, Social Media, SEO, Email List Growth, Press & PR, and so much more - this is the only course you will need to take your blog to the next level!

Becky van Dijk How To Launch A Retreat Course

Launch Your Retreat Course

Planning on launching your own retreats or group trips? Having ran several educational retreats and group getaways I can teach you everything you need to know to plan, curate and run a profitable retreat. In this course I take you step by step through the retreat process, from coming up with your niche, to marketing your trip, to running the retreat itself!

Why Learn From Me?

There are lots of courses out there, so the question is why pick my courses?

Since I launched my first blog WeAreTravelGirls.com I worked hard to learn everything you need to know to run a successful, profitable blog that people actually visit! Unlike social media your blog and your email list are truly yours, an algorithm won’t stop someone reading your email – so in my courses, eBooks and resources I tell you how to grow a following, audience and customer base in the places that really matter! 

At university I studied Business & Economics, I then went onto work for two of the largest banks in the world working as an investment advisor and a private banker. Basically I advised very wealthy CEOs and Hedge Fund Managers on their assets. I had new client, revenue and new asset targets every year (which I beat!) and basically ran my own mini business within the bank with my book of clients. This taught me about sales, marketing, branding, building client relationships and so much more that I have been able to take into running my own business. 

My academic and work background gave me an incredible foundation to become an entrepreneur. I am a self-confessed workaholic and find it difficult to delegate, which has meant I taught myself everything from building websites, to design, SEO, email list building, marketing and social media growth.

But what I love the most is teaching and sharing my knowledge. I have found that the teaching element of my Business & Blogging Retreats, as well as my mentorship programme are one of the most rewarding experiences. 

I want to help others to navigate the online business world and give them the headstart I wish I had when I began this journey!

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Read some of my favourite articles on the blog!


  • Taking in the view in Kotor half way up the 1,350 steps it takes to reach the Castle of San Giovanni!⠀
After my skiing accident doing relatively easy walks like this are really really hard for me, but I pushed through the pain to get here! It’s frustrating to travel and not always be able to do the things I want to do (like white water rafting!), but I am just grateful that I did not have to have surgery and whilst I am still in pain basically all day every day I was still able to come on this Europe trip! ⠀
Destroying my knee taught me a few lessons:⠀
- Always trust your instincts, if you don’t want to do something follow your gut and don’t be afraid of what others might think of you for not doing it, you will only have yourself to blame if it all goes wrong like it did for me 🙈⠀
- To do things whilst I am able, you never know what change is around the corner that may prevent you from doing something you love ❤️⠀
- I have willpower beyond my own imagination, evidenced by hosting a month of retreats in Morocco just a few weeks after my accident! 🇲🇦⠀
- Unfortunately most people don’t care that you have an injury and will not stand up to let you sit down even if you have a full leg brace and are on crutches! 😳⠀
- To look after my knees, they are really integral to so much that we do every day! Such as crouching down to play with a cat in the street (no longer an option 😭)⠀
- Always look for the silver lining, there will be one in there somewhere and whatever bad thing happened, something else good may result from it 😊⠀
What, if any, life lessons did you get this year? ⠀
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  • Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited in a long time - all you have to do is drive around and stop on the side of the road to get views like this!⠀
I am excited to share more from our adventures around Montenegro and hopefully inspire you guys to visit! 🇲🇪 Have you been? What was your favourite part of the country? ⠀
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  • Would you expect to find such beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia? The Kravice waterfalls certainly rivalled the better known ones in Croatia and we absolutely loved spending a few hours here with @mostartravel!⁠⠀
🙂 Upside - Spectacular waterfalls with large swimming area and not many people⁠⠀
😣 Downside - Water temperature close to freezing!⁠⠀
After leaving Bosnia we came to Croatia 🇭🇷 and we arrived in Zagreb a week ago. We will be here in the city for another week getting some work done on a big project we will share with you soon...⁠ 😉 since we have not left the apartment for a week to see anything in Zagreb yet I will just keep posting from Montenegro and Bosnia! ⁠But let me know if you have any tips for sightseeing in the city as we will do that soon!⠀
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  • This weekend we got some pretty great news, which after over a year of waiting I wanted to share... ⁠⠀
The first step for my visa to move to the US was approved!! ⁠🥂⠀
Ryan and I met 6 years ago in Croatia 🇭🇷 on Yacht Week (Not where I was planning to meet my future husband 🤣). He was from California and I was from England, so there wasn't much chance anything would happen between us. But we stayed in touch and one day I suggested coming out to LA to see him (even though we had spent the grand total of an afternoon together), I flew out for a week and right then we decided to quit our jobs to travel to South America for 6 months - a few months later we were on our way to Argentina!🇦🇷 ⠀
After that we had a long distance relationship for about 2 more years, travelling every 5 weeks between London and LA, when we finally had enough of that we moved to Bali 🇮🇩 to be in the same place. We got married in April 2018 and have had to travel just to be in the same place, so we could not be more excited that we we will be moving to California(hopefully) by the beginning of next year! ⁠🇺🇸 ⁠⠀
I always knew one day I would be in the OC... ⠀
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  • After Dubrovnik we went straight to Kotor and decided that we would probably quite like to live there! 
Have you visited a destination and fell in love so instantly you considered moving there, or did you actually move there?⠀
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