Do you want to start a blog, but are not sure where to start?
Then my 5 Week Bespoke Blog Mentorship Programme is for you!

What Is The Blog Mentorship Programme?

The Blog Mentorship Programme is a 5 week plan that I design based on your individual needs and current position with your blog. The programme can be tailored for someone who already has a blog, but is not receiving enough traffic or is looking to monetise their blog. Or for total newbies to blogging, overwhelmed with all the information and advice and not sure where to start.

The programme runs over a 5 week period with topics allocated to each week, from everything to do with setting up your blog, creating a brand and social presence to securing brand collaborations and sponsorships.

Whats Included?

  • Blogger Business Plan
  • Tailored 5 week plan based on where you are currently with your blog
  • Minimum of one 1:1 phone  /  Skype / Google Hangout call per week
  • Weekly goal setting with tasks assigned every week using a project management system to keep you on track
  • 1:1 tutorials on WordPress / Web Development; Developing Your Brand; Social Media Growth; Email List Building; SEO; Working With Brands; Press & PR strategy.
  • 1:1 tutorials and Q&A’s on every aspect of the course
  • Support & guidance throughout
  • Detailed eBooks and reference notes for each topic throughout the course

Why Work With Me?

There are lots of blogger packages out there, so why pick mine? Because it is bespoke to you, this package is designed to jump-start your blogging career based on your own personal goals and we will work together to define and meet those.

I graduated with a Business & Economics degree and went on to work in finance for the last 10 years heading up a team of financial advisors. In September 2016 I left finance to create my own travel business We Are Travel Girls. In just over a year I grew my social presence to over 400K followers, generated 60K unique users to my websites and grew a popular female travel community that hosts events, trips and retreats around the world.

I have hosted workshops and tutorials at various events, teaching individuals and brands how to build their tribe and create a blog. And I have consulted with individuals on a 1:1 basis to define their business plan, help them to build their blogs and share all of my knowledge and experience over a 5 week period.

Finally, I did all this with hard work and determination! I didn’t use any tricks, I didn’t use bots, or buy followers, I stayed away from looped giveaways and I created a real and engaged audience who want to be part of my community. Because whats the point in having hundreds of thousands of followers who don’t care about what you are writing, selling or doing?!

Ok, I’m Ready How Can I Sign Up?!

Please get in touch to arrange a complementary call to discuss your goals and hear more about my packages!

Next Availability: March 2018

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