“Since taking the course I have landed collaborations with brands like Europcar, Accor Hotels and Expedia!”

I took Becky Van Dijk’s blogging course a few years ago when I started my travel blog, FlyStayLuxe.com. Becky was very knowledgeable and taught me all the essentials I needed, such as SEO, WordPress, as well as how to build an audience through social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. 

The course gave me the confidence to approach the clients I’d always dreamt of working with. I have since landed some amazing press trips and opportunities with well established brands such as Europcar, Accor Hotels and Expedia. 

Amanda Twine, Luxury Travel Blogger at Fly Stay Luxe

“Within a month I grew 10K on Instagram, got my first high paid collaboration & invited to my first press event!”

This is no better way to gain an education on the business aspect behind blogging than from Becky.  From website redesign to social media growth, along with working with brands and press trips, Becky’s course gave me an in-depth review of everything I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be.

When I started blogging, I was still clueless on the business aspect behind it and how to monetize. If it wasn’t for this amazing blogging course, I wouldn’t have taken that next step and be where I am today. 

Taylor Deer, Blogger at Brown Eyed Flower Child 

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"One of the main reasons I'm where I am today is because of everything I learned on the course. It literally changed my life!"

Alexandra Saper ~ TheWayfaress.com

“Becky showed me how to monetize my following and steadily increase passive income from my blog!”

I always treated travel blogging as a hobby until I met Becky. Through her easy-to-implement tips and guidance, she showed me how to monetize my following and steadily increase passive income from my blog. Becky is a huge mentor to me in the blogging spaceshe helped me to scale JetsetChristina to where it is today and has completely changed my life! 

~ Christina Vidal, Blogger at JetsetChristina.com

“The educational workshops blew me away and I was so impressed by the content and the structure.”

To say this trip was amazing would be an understatement. There are no words to express just how incredible this educational retreat was! I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet such inspiring, unique women, including Becky van Dijk, and to be a part of this amazing  community. The educational workshops blew me away and I was so impressed with not only the content, but the structure of the workshops as well. I learned more than I could ever have imagined! ~ Hannah Corderman, Blogger at WanderLightMoments.com

“Becky’s Blogger Course is applicable to anyone who wants to start any kind of business.”

Becky’s Blogger Course is applicable to anyone who wants to start any kind of business, whether it’s social, online, a physical or digital product and by working with Becky, I discovered that I want to build a travel app. 

Becky has no shortage of experience and shares it freely in her course offering. Some bloggers claim to have ‘quit their corporate career’ after just a few years of experience, but Becky REALLY did transition her career after 10 years in the financial industry. She followed her passion and leveraged her professional skills to build a business. Every bit of her professionalism bleeds into the content teaches. Becky is truly invested in educating and lifting women up as she continues to mentor me to this day. 

~ Jess Primavera, CEO and Co-Founder of Unbound

"The course really nailed down the specifics and details I was looking for in order to successfully launch a brand, providing details on brand marketing, blogging and social media.”

Nikki Lemay ~ Lemay Twins


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