Escaping To A Garden Oasis At The Pavilion Hotel in Phnom Penh

Escaping To A Garden Oasis At The Pavilion Hotel in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, located right in the centre of the country. It has served as an important hub throughout the country’s history, with a river winding through the middle of the city.  When choosing a budget friendly hotel for my stay, it was important for me to find a place that reflected this waterfront feel while being in a perfect location. Luckily, I found the Pavilion Hotel and it met all of my expectations!

Escape To A Garden Oasis

It is no secret I am a fan of beautiful sprawling pools, especially to get that perfect Instagram shot, and The Pavilion has not one but two amazing pools! My personal favourite was the “Lush” pool, which is appropriately named given it is surrounded by tall palm trees. Lounging here was reminiscent of my time in Morocco and I felt miles from the craziness of the city, curling up in one of the sun lounges with a good book.

If you are more interested in working on your tan, then you can head to the “Sun” pool, which is a new pool perfect for laying out. The light blue pool is bathed in natural light, and gives the feel of relaxing in your own private mansion! Both pools are also served by their own lounges which serve breakfast and drinks/light meals later in the day. As an added bonus, lounge at the Sun pool offers complimentary coffee, juices, and cakes all day long, so be sure to take advantage in between seeing the sights!

Exploring Phnom Penh

As tempting as it is to lay by the pool all day, it would be a mistake not to see some of the amazing sites around Phnom Penh. The Pavilion is located right in the center of the historical district of Phnom Penh, so you can an easy walk or tuk-tuk to all the major spots! This includes the must see Royal Palace, National Museum, and Wat Ounalom temple. All the best shopping and dining areas are also nearby, including the lively Riverfront, Street 240, and Central Market.

If an organised tour is your preferred way of exploring the city, then The Pavilion has plenty of options for you. They can set you up with a bike riding tour to see the city in an eco-friendly way, photography tours so you can learn from experts while getting some great shots, or architecture tours to see the amazing buildings of Phnom Penh. There are also several tours focused on the interesting cultural side of Cambodia, including Khmer Cultural Initiation, Aspara Dance Classes, and Plaepaka, which are traditional performing arts at the National Museum. The Pavilion staff are incredibly helpful finding the right activity for you, no matter your preferred style of sightseeing!

Community Involvement

Another aspect that makes the Pavilion high on my recommendation list is the fact that they are so involved with the local community and responsible tourism. Given Cambodia’s brutal history with the Khmer Rogue, and especially because of Phnom Penh’s proximity to the infamous Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, the country has made a large effort towards promoting the arts and history of the region. The Pavilion and its parent company MAADS are at the forefront of this effort, specifically hosting tours where guests can learn more about the history and artistic significance in an interesting way.

There is also a training program for employees to educate them on language and computer skills, ensuring they will be prepared for their futures. The hotel also offers an arts program for employees, where an in-house artist runs workshops on art history and various techniques to help employees explore their creative side. Giving back to the local community is also a very important aspect in my travels, and I was thrilled to see that The Pavilion is so involved with helping their own employees and nearby locals flourish!

Escaping To A Garden Oasis At The Pavilion Hotel in Phnom Penh

Clearly I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at The Pavilion and can highly recommend it. The rooms were comfortable, the pool was absolutely dreamlike, and the central location was perfect! The fact the hotel is so involved in the community was the icing on the cake for me. Be sure to give The Pavilion a call next time you are looking for a special stay in Phnom Penh!

I hope that this article has inspired you to visit Phnom Penh and to stay at The Pavilion. If you have any questions or comments please share in the comments below.

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